Friday, June 25, 2010

Roostam and dragon fight from Epics of a King

Carpet making is a way of life, a way to comiunicat, a way to discribe, to tell, to teach, to remember, and to tell heart kept stories to generations to come. Carpets were used as teaching instruments among tribal inhabitance for centuries. In Persia among different tribes like Qashqai, Afshar, Shahsavan, Kurd, Balooches, and etc carpets were used as teaching vehicel and comunications between childrens and adults. Childerens not only were tought how to make carpets, but they were though by carpets too. As quiet as carpets are, they have many stories to tell. My feature carpet this week is a Persian Rug hand made with wool originating in Iran Kurdistan Hammada. This carpet is about story of Roostam, a Famous Persian Hiro from Shahnameh-e Ferdoosy. Intiteled with inscription The Fight of Roostam with Dragon

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